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If you are looking for a cool Dragon Ball Z action figures then this is the right place. We will try to gather the most interesting figures available from different manufacturers like Bandai SH Figuarts and MegaHouse. All in different sizes and prices from those that are cheap, those more expensive and limited edition gems that every fan would die to have it. Most of Dragon Ball Z action figures are made of soft vinyl and are sculpted by most talented artists in Japan. Amazingly well made detailed pieces of art. You should find here something you can put on your desk or even play with. We will try to add at least one toy of every Dragon Ball Z character you can think of. We’re starting from Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo. There are hundreds of these on the internet. And we try to find all of them. If you are a collector you should definitely browse the figures we’ve already added.

Probably the most famous Dragon Ball Z figures manufacturer is Bandai. If you’re thinking about getting your first toy you should definitely think about this company. They started their adventure in 1991 when the famous “Super Battle Collection” line was released. It contained about 40 different figures. All of them were very well sculpted with many accessories that made them more interesting to play with. They were so popular that in 2000 they were re-released with a slightly changed look due to different painting colors. The most rich in characters is probably Bandai’s “Gashapons HG Collection”. It is still relatively easy to get after all these years.

Bandai is well known for their mini figures lines like “Imagination Figure”. Some of them were often used as a phone strap. A cool idea, right?

In 2010 Bandai started to manufacture S.H.Figuars line that is especially popular among fans. Every action figure comes with a set of many accessories and faces. The legs and arms are movable. You can change the pose of your character the way you want – there are actually limitless posing options.

Another manufacturer worth mentioning is Banpresto. Their toys have very unique colors that they are painted in. The first toys were made in 2003 and were available in loved by everyone in Japan UFO catchers. Just like Bandai they manufactured mini figures at first (keychains for example). Then they started with taller toys like around 5 inches tall “Dragon Ball Creatures” line. Nevertheless all of them were always amazingly detailed and sculpted by real professionals. The paint job of two of their most popular collections “High Spec Coloring Figure” and “High Quality DX Figure” is sophisticated and recognized by DBZ fans.

Plex (known as Popy) is maybe not a company with a many products to offer but their products are quite original. They specialize in a sets of small DBZ figures with a big heads. These are usually less than 2 inches tall but will look great in your collection. One of their most meaningful is “Ultimate Technique” line.

There were others not necessarily Japanese companies that made or distributed some good toys over the years like Italian Giochi Preziosi or Canadian Irwin Toys. There are literally thousands of figures that you can own. Probably the character with the most variety of choices is Goku or Vegeta. Some of the heroes and villains are less popular likeYajirobe (around 38 different official collectibles) or Raditz (around 83 collectibles). Some of the characters you are the most fond of have only a small number of merchandise you can get like Dende with 27 official items. I’m pretty sure you will have a great time trying to collect all of them.

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It all started in 1984 when the first chapter of Dragon Ball manga was introduced by Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. The story created by Akira Toriyama gained so much attention that it was published into 42 volumes by Japanese publisher Shueisha. The manga became so popular that it was just a matter of time before it was adapted into anime series. In 1986 Fuji TV started to broadcast ‘Dragon Ball’, the first series produced by Toei Animation, and then in 1989, the second one called ‘Dragon Ball Z’. It soon proved to be one of the most successful anime ever made and one of the most influential. With the recent introduction of ‘Dragon Ball Kai’ and a new completely new series in years the hunger of fans for a good quality merchandise is higher than ever.

This site is devoted to all the fans around the world who through collectibles try to be closer to the characters they saw on the television. We tried to gather here the best Dragon Ball Z merchandise found on the internet. We constantly search for the most interesting items on various sites and add what we found interesting. You will find here everything related with your favourite anime – Dragon Ball Z action figures, clothing, toys, costumes and many more. You’re in need of Goku hoodie? You’re trying to find a nice Vegeta costume for Halloween? Want to put a Bulma figure on your desk? No problem – just browse our categories to find what you’re looking for. You will be surprised how many different products you can buy.

We hope it will be easier for you to grow your collection of Dragon Ball Z merchandise with us and you find it more enjoyable doing this that way.